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Friday, May 9, 2008

The Invincible Iron Man: Movie Review

Comic Book Listings Blog Presents:

The Invincible Iron Man!

The New Man of Steel!

Ironman. Super Hero!

The reviews are in. And they are already talking “OSCAR”!

Iron Man! The Marvel Comics Superhero opened in the theaters this weekend with some Heavy Metal Action and, MORE than anyone -including the critics- Expected.

Iron Man in fact, was the very first comic book I ever collected (way back in the 60’s), and I remained an Iron Man fan throughout my comic collecting years. In truth, I was hoping, even Praying, that this movie presentation of Iron Man wouldn’t disappoint, and in deed it didn’t.

Hollywood star Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark was Perfect! In part I think, because he realized the importance of getting it right. And boy did he get it Right!

So right in fact, “Iron Man II” is already in the making for a release in April of 2010.

A few comments from around the web:

  • T.O.- Iron Man was INCREDIBLY well made, acted and not over exposed with computer logistics. AWESOME movie!”
  • Steven A.- “I thought Gwyneth Paltrow was stunning. How does she look so good?”
  • William- “Iron Man Was Awesome,”
  • fletc3her- “I thought Iron Man was great. The pacing and story were good. The acting was good. The special effects were amazing. I’d love to see movies like this compete for Oscars.”
  • Lolita- “I took my sons (7 and 10) to see the movie this weekend, and normally I don’t like superhero movies, but this one was Excellent! I LOVED Robert Downey Jr. in this role. When I first heard he was in this movie, it didn’t make sense, but after seeing the movie, he was perfect for the role. I don’t think he’ll get an Oscar, but he’ll be offered many starring roles.”
  • Woody- “Downey displayed quality acting throughout the entire film. I’m not sure if he deserves an Oscar, but it would be just to consider him.”

As you can tell, Robert Downey, Jr. in the starring role was a bit of a concern for many, including myself. But in the final analysis, Robert Downey, Jr. “is” Tony Stark. Industrialist, and, IRON MAN!

I take nothing from him, but give him “Thanks” for a Job Well Done!!!


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