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Monday, May 19, 2008

292 Comic Books For Sale!


This is a 292 Comic Book lot "for sale". Note however, it was recently up for auction (probably on ebay) and for "whatever reason" (probably because the reserve price was not met), it did not sell. Hard to see someone not meeting a reserve price on this Comic Book Collection, especially when the seller is only "asking" $35.75. Of course there is a 45.75 shipping fee. So maybe that had something to do with it. Nevertheless, at the website where this comic book lot is now being offered, "there is No Bidding!"

You simply make an offer, and the seller either accepts, or rejects it. I mention this because the seller begins his description with "You are bidding on", when in fact, you Ain't! You will be Making an OFFER on. ...It's just that some/Most seller's -especially after leaving Ebay- have not quite yet grasped the difference between "for auction" -and- "for SALE". So with that in mind, let's get started.

(Note, all information was current at the time of "this post". See seller's actual listing [link below] for any changes. ~CBL)


Seller's Description:

Lot 292 Comic Books,Silver,Bronze,Modern Age-Cheap

You are bidding on a Hugh Mix Lot Comic Books. Dates Silver, Bronze, and Modern Agae.There are a total of 292 Comic Book. There are 269 Singles,20 Extra Copies and Plus 3 Free Comics I am just throwing the 3 Free Ones in because of their condition. All the Comic Books are in Good/Excellent/Near Mint or Mint Condition. There are lots of Mints and No.1, and some are First Print Comics. Some come in Plastic Bags/Protective Bags with CardBoard Backing. There are some with shelf/handling wear. There are so many many Comic Books I was unable to take pictures of each individual Comic, but have picture a few of the ones in the 292 lot. Please see attached photo.This Lot would make a very nice souvenir for collectors or a Start Up Collection Kit for a person who have just started collecting Comic Books.

These are Mix Lots of DC, Marvels, Dark Horse, Image, Mixx, Press, Eclipse,Topps,Verotik, Dark Storm,Viz,Eternity, Chaos, Millennium, Harris, Topps, Kitchen Sink, Malibu, Aria Press, WaRP Graphic, Gross Generation, Tundra, Nickelodeon, Archie, DC Looney Tunes, DC Cartoon Network, Charlton Comics.

Here is a short list of just some of the Comic Books in this lot: 80 page Gaint Superman #187,Jun 1966;Batman # 175,Nov 1965 (Cover Top Cut Off);Marvel Comics 64 Page Annual Force Of Darkness,Force of Light "The New Warriors" Conclusion #3,1993 (Still Sealed w/Trading Cards Inside); Justic League Of America,#91 Oct-Nov 1971;The Amazing Sprider-Man #27,1993 (Still Sealed in Orginial Plastic Bag with 2 ea Annex Cards;Charlton Comic "Gun Fighters" #58, Jan 1979;Weird Western Tales "ScalpHunter" #64,Feb 1980,#65,Mar 1980,#69, Jul 1980, #70,Aug 10980;DC Comics "Jonah Hex-#33,Feb 1980,#34,Mar 1980,#36,May 1980;The Advantures Of Superman 500 "Back From The Dead", June 1993;The PunisherR;X-Men;Wolverine,Spawn,Robin II,II,V; Batman; Terminator; The Terminator;Brigade;Fun snf Games Magazine;Marvel Team-Up Spider-Man and Sons Of The Tiger #40, Dec1975;Gen #13 3D,Sep 1997 1st Print w/ 3D Glasses;Black Panther;Preacher; and so many more.

The 3 ea Extra Free Comic are in pretty good condition Missing Cover and one has a page lose and really old but you should be able to read enjoy them. (1) Beep Beep The Road Runner #33, 1972 (Cover Missing); (2) Shazam #12,1974, "The Original Captain Marvel" (Cover really rough and a torn).(3) Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos "A Day Of Thunder" (Cover Missing,Page Lose).

Shipping Cost: $45.75 in the U.S.A. I am "ONLY" selling/shipping within the Continental United States.I do accept Payments by Check, Money Orders, Cashier's Check, or Pay Pal. All my items are sold as is and no refund. Check out my feedback and you will see I am a great Ebay seller.There is No Reserve on this item. I do not take Bidpay any longer.

Invoice: An invoice will be sent to you shortly after auction end; contact is expected within 3 days, and Payment due within a week after close of auction. If you can't afford to pay for my item, then please do both of us a favor and don't bid on any of my item, for I do leave feedback on all my bidders. If there is a problem please let me know for I am flexible - but you need to contact me.

Good luck! Thank you for looking.

Item Number: 47981346
Quantity: 1 available
Price: $35.75
Shipping: $45.75 (within United States)
Seller Accepts: Visa MasterCard American Express Discover PayPal Checks Money Order
Will ship to: Worldwide Wordwide


[View Seller's Listing]


ComicBookListings is Not in any way associated, nor affiliated with any sellers, manufacturers, nor with any other entities or agents of this (or these) products. We receive no payments, commissions, reimbursements, or compensation for the display or sale of this (or these) items. They are displayed here, simply as News. so Enjoy!


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