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Friday, May 16, 2008

How to- Post Your Listings!

To Post Your Listing is Really Easy!

Just click on the "Post Your Listing!" link in the the sidebar.
(This will open you default email program with the "UserPosted" address already in the "To:" field.)


Type the "Title of your listing",
into the "Subject" field .

Type the "Description of your listing",
into the "Body" field,
(Note: Be sure to use Lots of Key words in your description, and don't forget to post your contact information such as an email address, webpage address, or ebay auction address.)

Now click "SEND!"

Click to Enlarge!

Note: The Comic Book Listings Blog reserves the right to edit, modify, or delete your post. Also, if you have posted your email address, let me know when your comics have sold and I will remove it from your listing.

Technical: Pictures Must Be ATTACHED!!! (See Pic above for instructions.)
Also; Because of limited bandwidth, I can only allow one picture of your comic to be posted. Unless, you have a collection of comics you are selling, in which case I will allow as many as three pictures to be posted. If a buyer is interested they will email you for more.

If you have any problems, just click the "Contact Us" link in the sidebar and I will be happy to help you.

Thank you,
Bargain Hunter


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