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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1000 Comic Books For Sale on craigslist. $200

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Listing News:

1000 Comic Books For Sale on craigslist. $200

As a comic book collector, naturally I always check the classifieds. And today I found 1000 Comic Books For Sale on craigslist for $200.

Seller's Description
(no pics in Ad)
I have an old comic book collection that I want to sell.
The comic books are from the last 20 years to recent.
Just Marvel and D.C.
no other junk comics.
The comics are all different.
I counted the comics and I have exactly 1,000 of them, they are all in like new condition.
I want to get $200.00 firm.
No DEALERS Please, as I want them to go to a private collector to enjoy them as I did.
If you see this ad it means I still have them for sale, do not email me and ask if I still have them.
I will take this ad down when they are sold, these will go fast so if you are looking for a collection for your kids BUY THEM.
The cost is only 20 cents each.

Listing Details

Listing Link: Large Comic Book Collection,Comics just Marvel and D.C. - $200 (Suffolk)

Update: This Listing has Expired on craigslist!



Maurice Mitchell said...

Amazing what you can find on craigslist

Comic Book Listings said...

Muhahaha. You know Maurice, sometimes I am tempted not to post all that I find. But then I am reminded by an empty wallet, that I can't afford to buy anything, anyway.

So I go ahead and post the best of what I find, as in the end, it's all about finding something that at least, "someone" can enjoy. :)

NFL Coach said...

Would have been nice if the seller would have posted some pictures. But for $0.20 a piece, who cares. Just box'em up and ship'em to me. NFL Classifieds

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