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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Incredible Hulk Preview!

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The Incredible Hulk!

I just got back from visiting Universal Studios' backlot where I was treated to some footage of Universal's upcoming Incredible Hulk movie.

Director Louis Leterrier and Producers Kevin Feige and Gale Anne Hurd introduced a few scenes from the movie then later talked about the feature and about their vision of The Hulk. I'm not allowed to talk about specifics until a later date, but the footage I saw looked great. We saw about three scenes and they are almost finished mixing the movie, getting it ready for its June 13th release.

For those of you worried about how this film will turn out, and even I had doubts at first, I don't think you'll have anything to worry about. The scene I saw between the Hulk and [edited] was, pun intended, incredible. On the way out of the mixing room I had to say to Louis, "Holy sh-- [edited], that was awesome."

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The Incredible Hulk!

The most fascinating thing to watch at the First Hulk movie, was the reaction of everyone in the audience. Most people do not realize that the Hulk isn't like any other superhero. Most superheros, have some sort of "identity" crisis.

Torn between "who" they are -and who they would rather be- we find within them, human frailties, and weaknesses. But not so with the Hulk.

And neither with Bruce Banner, the Hulk's alter ego, so to speak. Which, is to speak wrongly as, as I said, both the Hulk and Bruce Banner know Exactly who they are, ...and what they are.

And "what, they" are, is a Monster!
A monster Hated by all, that's true.
But the Scariest thing about the Hulk,
is the truth about the Hulk.

Shock, and Awe! Fear, and Disgust!
These are the reactions I saw in the audience of the first Incredible Hulk movie.

No, the Hulk is Not like any other superhero. As in truth, the Hulk is not a superhero. But a Mindless Raging Hulk. Mean and Angry, full of Repressed Bitterness and Spite; The Hulk is a product of his environment.

Abused even from childhood -as that is how the Ag Lee film depicted him- yet now with all the Anger and Rage of a gasoline fed flame; I saw parents, leaving the theater wondering if they should have taken their children to see such a movie. (For they did not know that the Hulk was not a superhero.) In truth what they expected, was a Spiderman or a Superman to tickle their egos, and make them feel good. But what they got, was a Mindless Raging MONSTER!

Leaving the theater, you could see it in their faces; parent, and child alike. "Anger"! Just as when Bruce looked into the mirror to behold the Hulk (s scene from the movie), the Hulk was now on all their faces, and in their souls.

Better it would have been, to have taken them to see "Saving Private Ryan", "300", or some other movie rated "R" for it's violence. In deed it would have been better to have taken their children to a "XXX" rated movie, than to see the Hulk.

Because you see the scariest, and most frightening thing about the Hulk. And in deed the reason that the first Hulk movie is Now considered as a "bad" movie. Is that in truth, he is us, Unchained!


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