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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hillary Clinton involved in Marvel Comics Stock Scandal!

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Hillary Clinton involved in Marvel Comics Stock Scandal!

"I was set-up as the fall guy," Paul tells a reporter by phone. ...The Clintons, Marvel and 85-year-old Stan Lee all vehemently reject Paul's claims and duly note his many felony convictions. He's got the electronic bracelet because he's awaiting sentencing for his manipulation of shares of Stan Lee Media. ...Marvel Stocks Fell 1.5% on Barrons down grade.

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Anonymous said...

Marvel and Stan Lee would like to make Peter Paul the issue. He is not. That is a diversion. A group of investors, led by Wall Street whistleblower Jim Nesfield, took control of Stan Lee Media and have asserted its rights. They should have been asserted in the SLM BK, but Stan did not do that. Instead, he made his deal with Marvel, got 10 mil plus share of profits, and stuck it to the SLM investors. All in a day's work.

Comic Book Listings said...

hey anon, Thanks for the comment!

Peter Paul may in deed be a diversion "publicly", but I seriously doubt weather it will be a diversion in a court of law. At least, I hope the judge is smarter than that.

By the way, do you have any Related links, or stories, you would like for me to publish? Or even, any comic books for sale?

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