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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Barack Obama Meets Spiderman, Comic book for sale

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Spiderman Meets Barack Obama, Comic book for sale

The Amazing Spiderman #583 is ranked #46 in's Best Selling Books. That's Amazing! Spiderman shows up for Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration. The Amazing Spiderman #583 will feature a 5 page back-up story of Spider-Man meeting Barack Obama also.

One of the most sought after and collected comic books Ever, The Amazing Spiderman #583 - Spiderman Meets Barack Obama - will no doubt break all records. Not only in Comic Book Sales, but in all around book sales as this comic book is a History Making celebration of the Inauguration of the First Black President of the United States of America - Barack Hussein Obama!

People who have never collected a comic book before will be collecting the Amazing Spiderman #583 Spiderman Meets Barack Obama. Already 1st and 2nd printings have SOLD OUT!

Currently, the only way to obtain a Collectible First Printing of the Barack Obama Original Blue Background in NM/Mint Condition is either through eBay, (where you will definitely be taking your chances on the comic's condition and seller's integrity). Or, you can purchase though
where will have the advantage of Amazon's Guaranteed Protection!

Prices range from, $5.99 for the Third Printing (to be shipped to stores on January 28 2009). To, $149.00 for a Collectible First Printing Barack Obama Original with Blue Background in NM/Mint Condition.

however that prices are subject to change RAPIDLY!!!
So Get Yours Today!!!

Here's the Link:


  • The (4th) FOURTH printing of Amazing Spiderman #583, is now out and selling for $3.99.
  • The (3rd) THIRD printing which "was" selling for $5.99 (as mentioned above), is now selling from $8.00 - $10.00.
  • The (2nd) SECOND printing is Now selling from $14.74 - $25.00.
  • And the Famed (1st) FIRST printing is, ...well, had better see for yourself.

Again, here's the Link:

Oh, and uh..., "Good Luck".


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