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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Womanthology organizer Renae De Liz hospitalized

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Sad News: from

Womanthology organizer Renae De Liz hospitalized

Renae De Liz, the artist who spearheaded the Womanthology project and drew IDW’s recent The Last Unicorn comic, is recovering in a critical care unit due to an infection in her blood and kidneys, as well as other health issues.

“She has an infection that has spread into her blood and kidneys, as well as pneumonia and some other things we’re worried about, but I don’t want to say anything there until test results are back,” her husband Ray Dillon posted on his blog today. “As of today she’s doing a bit better and we’re told after perhaps a week in the Critical Care Unit she should be mostly recovered. It got really bad and we almost lost her. Been a very rough couple of weeks. We’re behind in work, income, communication, and our nerves are just shot from all this.”

Dillon notes De Liz does not have health insurance, and he has been asked by friends and fans if they can donate money to assist with the “likely $30k or more in medical bills we’re racking up here.” He adds that “right now we don’t have any dire need and there are a lot of people out there who probably do,” comparing their current situation to one where they lost their house a couple of years ago. “We might be paying these medical bills forever, but it’s not the same as needing to raise a certain amount by a certain time to save a house or to have a major operation to save a life or anything like that,” he said.

If you’re inclined to help, he has a donate button set up on his site where you can do so through PayPal. It would also likely help if you bought something from his Amazon store, where you can find several of the projects he (and De Liz) worked on.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Avengers Thor Statue For Sale! (Jack Kirby Art)

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Listing News:

Avengers Thor Statue For Sale!
(Jack Kirby Art)

Now This is Pretty Cool!

Based on the Original Classic Art by Jack Kirby
, this Mighty Thor statue stands like a literal god upon the field of battle. Huge and muscular, the god of thunder poses triumphantly with his magical hammer Mjolnir held high above his head as though daring the enemies of Asgard to challenge him.

The classic look is authentic from the colorful costume (sleeveless black belted tunic with silver discs, blue pants, yellow wrapped high boots, and red cape) to his hair and accessories (red and black wristbands and silver winged helmet). Thor has an incredibly detailed sculpt that captures every bulging muscle, crease and fold of his costume, and the flowing strength of his cape and long blonde hair. Particularly well done are the powerful but battle worn Mjolnir with its chips, cracks, and iconic inscription and the deity's face focused fiercely on the battle at hand.

Sculpted by Kotobukiya master artist Eric k Sosa, Thor dominates the fine art statue series at nearly 13 inches tall. The blast from the past stands on a crushed rock terrain base that will match those on the other upcoming Classic Avengers Captain America and Iron Man! Start building your classic Marvel team with Thor just in time for the film.

  • Brand: Kotobukiya
  • Model: OCT111753
  • Released on: 2012-06-06
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x 6.00" w x 13.00" l, 4.19 pounds

  • A Kotobukiya Japanese import
  • Recreates the classic look of Marvel Comics' God of Thunder
  • Sculpted by Erick Sosa
  • Stands nearly 13-1/2" height
  • Rock base matches those of upcoming Captain America and Iron Man statues from the series

Price: $214.79

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Link: Kotobukiya Classic Avengers Thor Fine Art Statue
From Kotobukiya


Update: I found a Video Review (below) on youtube of the Kotobukiya "Thor" statue. I do not know the person conducting the review. And, since I'm on Dial-up, I could not watch the whole thing. However it does seem to be an honest review, so I have embedded the video for your convenience. Hope you enjoy.



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