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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How a Typical Woman Sells Comic Books

The Comic Book Listings Blog: Found 4 Katy Keene Comic Books For Sale on craigslist.

How Typical Woman Sells Comic Books!

First, she gets an appraisal on her 4 Katy Keene comic books, which she says is "at least $500.". Then she knocks off a measly $50 bucks because she "thinks" that makes it a Great deal.

Then comes the Double Talk!
Stating she; "would prefer them to go to someone who will appreciate them", but Then, she Turns right around and says, you can "Resell them, burn them, whatever".

Then More Double Talk!
"If you think this is a good deal? call me! Think it's a bad deal? call me!!" Well lady, maybe if you would cut a good deal in the first place, you wouldn't have to Beg!

Of course I know she's just trying to get the best price she can but, the Manipulation she attempts in this one listing is enough that i could teach a psychology class. I mean, she actually sounds like a Used Car salesman. Oh, excuse me. "Sales-Person."

And can you imagine the Control she exhorts over her husband?

She even tries to appeal to your sense of decency saying; "I'm trying to get some $ as a gift to my husband for a trip". Awe! You poor dear. Here, here's a nickle, call somebody who cares.

This is undoubtedly one of the Funniest listings I have ever read. If, it weren't for the fact that some dumb poor guy actually married this witch.

No I'm not going to post her phone# or even the link to her listing. But for your viewing pleasure (and edification), I will post the text of the listing, along with a snap shot so that you will know that I am Not making this stuff up. Of course, if you are already married, then you will Know that I'm not making it up.

Without further a due therefore.
Here she is in all her shame.. I mean, "Glory".
I give you, "Andrea"!

Seller's Description:

I just had these appraised today at least $500. I dont want them and would prefer them to go to someone who will apperciate them. They are in good condition. The 3d comic is the most desireable. There is only 20-50 copies left. So please call me tonight!! I'm tring to get some $ as a gift to my husband for a trip. I'll even be willing to knock off some $ if you pick them up by 10 tommerrow. Resell them, burn them, whatever. Thanks for looking!!! If you think this is a good deal? call me! Think it's a bad deal? call me!! Buy one, buy them all... here's my #: xxx-xxx-xxxx My name's Andrea. Thanks again!!!


Obviously she doesn't own a spell checker or dictionary. But you know, I guess she's trying. But then, that's what happens to us guys as we feel sorry for the feeble minded wenches, only to be Clobbered later on with the all too well known, "Look at All I've Done for You"!

Never mind the fact that they are "probably" his comic books that she is selling.


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