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Thursday, April 30, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie ...Tweets?

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie

Yeah that's right. Wolverine Movie Tweets!

@Agent_M tweeted; "Wolvie was fun. Lots of slashing and yelling and craziness".

But then, he's not called Agent_M for nothing.
As he is, Ryan Penagos, writer/editor/blogger.

So I sent Comic Book listings Blog correspondent @ThinkHero to the movies to give us his Un-biased Review of
the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, but he's not back yet so in the meantime, I will be posting "tweets" from other twitterers who have already seen the movie.

@jenngw tweets:
"It was pretty awesome. That's my official review."

@rejects tweets: "
Saw Wolverine, enjoyed some of it. It had serious ups and downs, though."

InsaneGamer66 tweets: "Wolverine was good, 8/10 movie the only 2 thing i hated was the ending and how they..." Sorry, but i couldn't publish the rest of that tweet.

@ellejaystar785 tweets: "
loved x-men origins wolverine! snickty snickty snaw!!!!!!!!"

@trousey tweets:
"Preview for Transformers 2 looks AWESOME! Megan Fox doesn't hurt things either ;-)...ok enough previews, Bring on Wolverine!"

@OakMonster tweets:
almost home from #wolverine. it was AWESOME. i heart deadpool.

BajaLori tweets: "Just saw Wolverine! LOVED IT!!!!!!"

@danielmadden tweets:
"I'm finally in my seat at the theater... I can't wait for Wolverine to grace the screen and kick some serious ass!"

@abbeyd tweets: "Had to leave Wolverine because I got sick. Goddamnit!"

Oh @abbeyd, I am so sorry. It may interest everyone to know that in the 20 hrs following @abbeyd's tweet, she has not tweeted since. I do hope she's ok. Get Well Soon!

At this point in time, most twitterers seem to be sitting in the theater, twittering tweets like; "Sitting here waiting for the movie to start." Pretty Cool! Just wish i was there instead of blogging about it from the Outside. Nevertheless Stay Tuned for More Wolverine tweets in a moment as I will be updating this post til midnight. And all through the Wolverine Weekend.

Update: I may be up after midnight as it seems the ones that are in the theater now are waiting for the midnight showing. Still, I will post whatever Review tweets that come in.

UPDATE: It's Saturday! I must have fallen asleep. Sorry folks, but I'm back up and will be posting More Wolverine Tweets in a moment.

  • @erika1986: x-men origins wolverine was awesome!
  • @amyjogirardier: Wolverine at least you can forget your origins. The rest of us can't.
  • @funley: Wolverine: I liked it. Good action and the storyline doesn't stop. Which is mostly good. Little bone claws are little disturbing.
  • @urkangijordi: #Wolverine is entertaining, but not as good as X-Men 2 or 1. Transformers 2 trailer has finally got me excited about that movie now.
  • @arielle_marie: just finished seeing wolverine. it was so damn good. i'm seeing it again tomorrow.
  • @ninjaguy1: X-men: Wolverine i give it 3 and a half stars
  • @@slashfilmnews Wolverine better than X3, not as good as X1 or X2...kinda meh...
  • @JeffreyLin: X-cited 2 watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine this weekend! I was X-men artist 15 yrs ago (expand)

  • @Domthe10: I see why this movie made $24 Mil. WOLVERINE just went the hardest I've ever seen any marvel movie go.
  • @DjZeeti: RT @Kreggo_Eats Wolverine was as bad as X-men 3...they messed up the origin and deadpool...
  • @thatboyjay: Going to watch Wolverine in a few minutes..every seat has damn salt on it!
  • @abizboah: I had such low expectations for Wolverine that I actually thought it was ok
  • @yankeefan1979: Just came from seeing xmen origins wolverine not a bad movie..lots of action and good dialouge.everybody go see it.hugh jackman is da man
  • @Boricua_Boy: I saw wolverine about 2 weeks ago and it was aswome. I am gonna go to the imax to see it tomorrow
  • @Lindsay_007: Read about my nutty WOLVERINE movie experience here:
    Note: The Comic Book Listings Blog Highly Recommends that you Read this Review!
  • More coming!

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