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Monday, May 10, 2010

Can Kid Costumes Inspire Adults To Dress Up Too?

Most children love dressing up in superhero costumes for Halloween and themed parties, but why should they have all the fun wearing costumes?

Anyone with children realizes the ample opportunities for party going, dress up and make believe. Throw in superhero kids costumes to enhance the experience and you're sure to always have willing participants for the fun and mayhem of any moment.

But why should they get all of joy of dressing up in costumes and making believe they are someone or something else? Sure, when we grow up we "learn" that make believe usually doesn't pay the bills and allow us to provide for ourselves and our families. But aren’t we missing out on the same good times and fun for ourselves?

Adults that had these experiences as  kids may secretly be harboring the desire to get back into character one more time. And with the amazing costumes available today, this is easier done than said.

Now you can take the entire experience to the next level if you decide coordinate your costumes with your kid’s superhero costumes. If you can find any child that wouldn't want to go out trick-or-treating as Superboy you might just have a little one that has yet to experience the joy of being the strongest tyke on the block.

If, on the other hand, your child gets to spend the day and evening as Superboy accompanied by you dressed up as Superman, well, that's something completely different.

Many of the best selling adult costumes available online and in retail outlets have either similar or exact replica kid costumes. Can you imagine the delight and sheer joy of taking your child to the neighborhood costume party with you dressed as Batman and your little one as Robin? Clearly this would be tons of fun and form numerous memories (and hopefully bunches of photos!) that you'd both look back on fondly over the rest of your lives.

That being said, superheroes are not the only options for adult and kid costume coordinations, you can be as creative as you want to be! Just knowing there are high quality options to choose from will ensure you bring smiles to your children's faces, not to mention the looks of envy from all of their friends and those parents that didn't take the time to put it all together like you did.

This post was contributed by Kaila West who writes about Halloween costumes for


1 comment:

Maurice Mitchell said...

It's amazing to me how much fun it is to dress up as your favorite superhero as an adult or a kid. I have a persistent dream of dressing up as Robin with my 1-year-old as Batman. If only I can convince my wife how funny it would be. LOL

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