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Saturday, April 25, 2009

79 comic books for sale, many 1st issues $25

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Found 79 Comic Books For Sale on craigslist, for $25.

79 Comic Books for $25 is a Great price in any body's book.
And this comic book collection has some great titles, and many First issues. Seller states that many comic books are... well here. Read it for yourself.

Seller's Description:

i have 79 comic books for sale, some dc, marvel, verotik, dark horse and a bunch of misc. publishers. all my books are in excellent condition w/ a bag and board. all my books are first printings. if interested call or email stan xxx-xxx-xxxx. heres the list of what i have

lobo portrait of a victim one shot,
lobo blazing chain of love one shot,
lobo/judge dredd psychos bikers one shot,
the spectre #52-57,#59-62,
stan lees just imagine sandman,
superman speeding bullets else worlds tpb,
batman villians secret files one shot,
haven #9, batman armageddon 2001 annual,
detective comics #666-667,
legends of the dark knight#2,
batman #498,
blood syndicate #1,
tank girl odyssey #1-2,
armageddon 2001 #2,
guy gardner #1,
guy gardner reborn #1-3 all three thick books like trades,
thats my dc stuff

satanika #2,7,8,
venus domina candlemass eve special,
dalkiel the prophecy special,
inquisitor special,
darker horror of morella 2 different covers,
sunglasses after dark #1/2,
albino spider of dajette #1-2,
verotika #3 frank frazetta cover,
verotik world special,
verotik messiah special japanese tpb,
this is my verotik comics,verotik is glenn danzigs comic company.i dont even know if he puts anything out anymore,but the art and stories are crazy,
red sonja #0,2,
battle chasers #1,8,
star wars jedi
quest #1-4,
kiss #1-3,
wolfgang #1,
mecha #1,
inasane clown posse #2-4,
cyber frog #1-4,sec series #1-2,
two vengeance of vampirella mini comics both different stories,
deadpool #0,
marvel knights genesis edition,
marvel knights special edition,
earth x special edition,
bravura 1/2,
eternal warrior #6,
rune infinity,
turok #6,
-twilight zone #1,
ultraverse origins #1,
charlemagne #0,
crossgen primer,
shadow reevers #1,

thats my list again all are in excellent condition,i dont collect anymore,great to fill in for missing oieces of a collection or to start a new collection,some stuff is out of print becouse the companys didnt last long. thanks for looking.


Location: seattle-tacoma craigslist

Listing Link: comics for sale - $25 (everett)
(Seller's Phone# Available.)


The ComicBookListings Blog is Not in any way associated, nor affiliated with any sellers, manufacturers, nor with any other entities or agents of this (or these) products. We receive no payments, commissions, reimbursements, or compensation for the display or sale of this (or these) items. They are displayed here, simply as listing News, so Enjoy! And of course, Buyer Beware!


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