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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Found 80 Star Wars Comic Books For Sale!

The Comic Book Listings Blog: Found 80 Star Wars Comic Books For Sale on craigslist

This seller has an assortment of Star Wars Comic Books and collectibles for sale including a Star Wars Paperback, Star Wars Puzzle, and Star Wars Trading cards.

Seller has posted his Phone# on his listing (which i will not post here) so you will be able to call and inquire as to condition of the Star Wars items being sold, (which he "says" is "Good" but, i can't tell from the picture if they a have even been Bagged and Boarded); and as to shipping which the seller makes no mention of. And have the seller to email you a "complete list" of the Star Wars comics in the collection, along with Better and more detailed pictures.

80 Star Wars Comic Books for $100 bucks sounds a little high to me but, with the added Star Wars Paperback, Star Wars Puzzle, and Star Wars Trading cards, it's a better deal than without. Also, seller may be willing to negotiate, but i don't know. You will need to Call to find out. Happy Bargaining!


Seller's Description:
Vintage Comic Books. 4-6,13-17,26-86. About 80 total. Missing a few. I have a few doubles. Good condition. Some still in the wrapper. Old puzzle. 500 piece? 15 1/2" x 18". Original paper back book. About 30 trading cards. dave@xxx-xxxx

Location: dallas craigslist

Link: Vintage Star Wars Comics - $100 (Fort Worth)


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