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Friday, May 8, 2009

Twittering Star Trek Movie Review Tweets?

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Twittering Star Trek Movie Review Tweets?

eYeah, why not? In fact, why get one only one person's Star Trek Movie Review, when you can get 100's. And in Real Time. Like Pychobj2001, who just twittered; "I'm at showplace gunna watch #startrek luvs it!!!!! I'm so excited, I just can't hide it....."

Or MikeGross144, who tweets; "Just got out of Star Trek. #Startrek Just know -- a great reset to a classic. Casting is amazing. Anyone else see it tonight?"

Got the idea?
Ok, so then, without further a due,

here are a few more
Star Trek Movie Review Tweets.

Friday Night's Star Trek Movie Twitter Reviews:
  • Lindsay_007God help me, I'm googling Star Trek stuff. The madness begins. If only Spock wasn't so damn intriguing...
  • joename Just got back from #startrek at the #IMAX. FREAKING AWSOME!! Best movie I've seen in quite a while. This summer is going to be AMAZING!
  • therealchris the new star trek movie is awesome!
  • Cymor Excited! Sitting in the seats getting ready to watch #StarTrek
  • jondavidenas This is it! In theater. Got great seats. Got concession. Pants soiled from excitement. See you all after! #startrek
  • lemdina: Just got back from seeing #startrek. It was awesome!
  • twhb: Just saw #startrek, I enjoyed it, good mix of nostalgia, effects, story, action.
  • davatron5000: StarTrek was awesome! It just photon torpedo'd the whole starwars franchise! I might be considering a conversion.
  • DoctorFeelgood: Just got back from #startrek. Awesome movie. In every way. Great story. Everyone who likes scifi should go see it on the big screen. 5/5
  • kelle: I am going to go ahead and say that #StarTrek is SERIOUSLY. AN. EPIC. WIN.
  • arieldotcom: #startrek was pretty good. This is coming from someone who was, by all means, against seeing this movie. I liked it anyway.
  • jochan1977: back from seeing #startrek. Very fun, visually appealing, just the right amount of camp and classic lines. Karl Urban didn't hurt either.
  • csimokat: Not to say I hated the #startrek movie entirely there are parts I liked and parts I found sentimental but a lot of it irritated me as well!
  • audiojunky: So cited for star trek I am Going to wet myself... And I just peed
  • MattBentleyy: Star trek with my daddy:)
  • rhythmkat: StarTrek-door opened for 2 more decades of Star Trek a potentially awesome alternate universe! It's SO Star Trek! GO see it!
  • FadeX: Just chewed off half my lip watchin startrek... fantastic.
  • ShockWaveNews"William Shatner wasnt in the new Star Trek Movie, and i for one say he wasnt missed!"
  • Star Trek

Ok! Well now.

Aside from a couple of bad reviews,
the basic sentiment seems to be;
"Star Trek is Awesome!"

And no, I didn't just grab the "Pro" tweets as oppose to grabbing the "Con" tweets. And another thing! The "Pro" Star Trek tweets, seem to Far outnumber the Pro Wolverine tweets from Last Week's Wolverine Opening. Nevertheless, join us again tomorrow night for...

Saturday Night's Star Trek Movie Twitter Reviews:
  • JTok: Star Trek was even better the second time.
  • jonmeadowbrook: Star Trek was freaking AMAZING! I'm honestly very very surprised!!! How long can JJ go without ever failing?! #startrek
  • icancn2u: #startrek was great. Sylar from heroes was a great Spock
  • BrianSethHurst: #startrek = freakin brilliant. The franchise is reborn, possibilities endless!
  • rochelledaigle: Watching StarTrek with @RidingScruffy :)
  • savindotme: Saw #StarTrek for a second time! Cuz it was that good!
  • eaudeamber: Even better the second time! Star Trek - BEST movie of the year!
  • robheydari: Mixed emotions surround a movie that wipes away a universe you grew up with, even when done excellently. Boldly, one might say. #startrek
  • partridge: Star Trek brought in $31 Million Dollars yesterday. #startrek



Coffee Nomad said...

I absolutely loved all the characters except for the new Spock -- i liked the original stoic version more than the new condescending version

Comic Book Listings said...

@Coffee Nomad: Yep! Now that I've seen it, I can honestly say, "I Agree". Which was really sad for me as I thought Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) would have made a great Spock.

Buy Hey! At least Chris Pine pulled through with his portrayal of Captain James Tiberius Kirk!

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