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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Marvel Avengers comic books For Sale- $100

ComicBookListings: found on Dallas craigslist;

Marvel Avengers #2, 10, 13 comic books - $100 (Dallas)

A Lot of three, Silver Age Marvel Avengers comic books issues #2, #10, #13 which "look" to be in Very good condition. Seller did not state his/her reason for sale and note, that the comic book bags do not fit. Nevertheless, a Marvel Avengers #2 alone and in Fair condition is worth the $100 bucks this seller is offering All Three Marvel Avenger Comic Books for. So you had better hurry, as this listing had already been posted on craigslist for 7 days before I found it.

Seller's Description

Lot of early Marvel Avengers comic books (2, 10, 13). The cond are VG plus.
Location: Dallas



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Update: Not sure why these Marvel Avengers have not yet sold but, I just checked and in deed they have not! Have not talked with the seller to see what kind of inquiries they may have had, but, I figure, after being listed on craigslist for over a month now, the seller "should be" about ready to deal. At any rate, they would make a great addition to someone's collection.


Update: These Avengers comic books have now SOLD!


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