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Friday, August 8, 2008

Marvel Superheroes Could Not Stop Marvel Entertainments Stock Drop!


Marvel Superheroes Could Not Stop Marvel Entertainment's Stock Drop!

From the Comic Book Listings news room- Reports are coming in from all over now of Marvel Entertainment's (MVL) second quarter failure to perform as analyst expected.

But wait a minute!
Does that mean Marvel Superheroes Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk have failed us with lower than expected earnings from the comic book giant's two Blockbuster movie releases?

Does that mean you should sell your Marvel Entertainment stock?

Not so fast!

As Julia Boorstin, a CNBC reporter, writes-

Marvel Entertainment's (MVL) second quarter came in solid, posting a 60 percent increase in net income, and raising its full-year forecast on the boffo performance of Iron Man and The Hulk.

But its stock took a superhero-sized tumble, plummeting over 13 percent and ending the day down 11.5 percent. The problem? Marvel raised its full-year earnings outlook to between $1.55 per share and $1.75 per share on $450 million to $480 million in revenues. But those increases weren't as high as Wall Street analysts were expecting, and that's what caused the stock to dip. Read More.

So as you can see, it Wasn't the fault of our most favored superheroes. But rather the fault of some overly anxious stock analyst who couldn't see anything but dollar signs with no warning signs.

In deed, Tim Beyers of The Motley Fool is now apologizing for his "misunderstanding", saying;
I blew it when I wrote in June that Marvel Entertainment (NYSE: MVL) would have to raise its guidance by at least $0.40 per share for 2008; I was off by half. Wall Street's analysts -- who projected at least $1.96 in full-year 2008 profit rather than the $1.55 to $1.75 Marvel now expects -- were off even more.

What we had all hoped is that Marvel's 2006 illustrative film profit model was perfectly accurate and that, with a $300 million megahit in Iron Man, the studio would generate at least $51 million in operating profit this year, rather than the $5.2 million to $14.4 million Marvel is now estimating.

But we should have known better. Marvel Vice Chairman Peter Cuneo warned us all during the first-quarter conference call in May. ...Read "Misunderstanding Marvel".

Yeah, well Tim. You should have known better. I mean your the expert. But then on the other hand, those of us who collect comic books, particularly Marvel Superhero comic books, and Especially Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, and Fantasic Four fans; know full well that our comic book heroes won't leave us high and dry. And besides, The Avengers have yet to make their appearence on the silver screen, and heaven help DC Comics when Thor, the God of Thunder arrives.

All in all therefore, it is the opinion of The Comic Book Listings Blog (who is in no way qualified to give an opinion), that if you own Marvel Entertainment stock, Keep it! And if you don't own any, Get some! Because as I do not go by the numbers, but rather by Popularity. I can tell you that our most favored Marvel Super Hero (Marvel Comics), is going no where but UP!!!


Note: Julia Boorstin, is a CNBC reporter and is not one of the over-enthusiastic stock analyst. She is however, Very Pretty!

The Comic Book Listings Blog is Not in anyway associated with Marvel Entertainment stock shares. I just wish I was!


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