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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Marvel Comics Stock Scandal Continues!


Marvel Comics Stock Scandal Continues!
in a Blood Feeding Frenzy over Marvel Entertainment stock

If you are a patriot of the Comic Book Listings blog, then you already know that aside from posting the very Best in comic book listings on the internet -or at least that we can find-, so too we keep you abreast of the latest comic book news, reviews, movies, and comic book Publisher stock reports.

Like Marvel Entertainment (NYSE: MVL). Recently listed on the S&P 400, the story doesn't end there as Hillary Clinton also got involved with this stock so that, *things are a little bit shady now.

Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits. Where to begin? How about, with a smartmoney/barrons report by Bill Alpert stating:

"Lawsuits against Marvel, Lee and Bill and Hillary are pressing Paul's claims that a dot-com he started with Stan Lee in 1998 was undone by the actions of the former president, short-sellers and Stan Lee himself. In a Manhattan federal district court, some of Paul's associates argue that the bankrupt dot-com, Stan Lee Media, still owns rights to Marvel characters like Spider-Man and The X-Men. On behalf of the former dot-com, they want half the profits that Marvel is piling up, now that it's producing its own films like the smash hit Iron Man and the just-opened The Incredible Hulk."

The report goes on to say;

"The Clintons, Marvel and 85-year-old Stan Lee all vehemently reject Paul's claims and duly note his many felony convictions. He's got the electronic bracelet because he's awaiting sentencing for his manipulation of shares of Stan Lee Media. Paul's criminal record opens the door to impeachment of anything he alleges. But that doesn't mean he's wrong about everything. The securities filings for Marvel and Stan Lee Media contain seemingly contradictory assignments by Stan Lee of his rights in the superhero characters he helped create in the 1960s. And Lee's assertions in a 2002 lawsuit against Marvel don't appear to track with what he says now."

"So even if the folks pressing Peter Paul's claims aren't likely to win half of Marvel's profits, they've raised factual questions about Marvel's title to its billion-dollar character franchises." [Read Full Story -The Rage Offstage at Marvel- at]

Now enter, The Motley Fool!
The Motley Fool is a stock publication that I have been reading for a Very long time.

In the Fool's report -Is Marvel a Villain?- Tim Beyers writes;

"If a recent Barron's article is correct, Marvel Entertainment could owe millions to a bankrupt company originally co-founded by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee."

"Trouble is, the Barron's article, written by Bill Alpert -- one of my favorites for his normally spot-on detective work -- assumes too much and misses pertinent facts about a key player in the case."

The "Key" player Tim Beyers is talking about, is James Nesfield.

Nesfield, as Tim writes, is; "known best as a whistleblower in the mutual fund market-timing scandal", and is "leading the lawsuit against Marvel on behalf of himself and other SLM shareholders, including convicted felon Peter Paul".

Interestingly, this was all reported to The Comic Book Listings Blog "Here", by an anonymous commentor on July 2nd a day after I posted this article; "Hillary Clinton involved in Marvel Comics Stock Scandal!"

Unfortunately "anonymous' didn't leave any links to articles backing up his claims so that there was nothing I could do at the time. Now however, since the Motley Fool report. I can tell you that Hillary Clinton is but One of the many flies at the Marvel picnic. A little shark, in a Blood Feeding Frenzy over Marvel Entertainment stock.

You can read the full story by Tim Beyers of The Motley Fool "HERE"! (as a side note, rather than as a recommendation. I will tell you that I have never received a bad stock recommendation from the Motley Fool. Though truth be known, while I keep up with "some" stocks, I Do Not own Any stocks. Nevertheless, for a Beginning investor, The Motley Fool is an excellent place to start.)

And you can read the Barron's / Smartmoney article "HERE"!

But in the end, though the END is Far from over. What all of this tells me is that while The Comic Book Listings Blog does NOT own any Marvel Entertainment stock, ...maybe we should!



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