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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wanted: Mandrake Comics or Newspaper Strips

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Found on craigslist

Mandrake Comics or Newspaper Strips
for "Mandrake Project".

Request: I am a huge Mandrake The Magician fan. Wanted to know if any of you are actively collecting, buying or selling any strips from newspaper clippings or comic books that you don't need any more.
Let me know what you have or if you would like to read any stories I may have. Email me. I also want to know if you have an interest in scanning any of them for my project on Mandrake.
Thanks and enjoy the stories of this great Magician.

Contact Info:

Location: dallas craigslist

Link: Mandrake Comics or Newspaper Strips Anybody have any


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