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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Three 30th Anniversary Spiderman Specials for sale

The Comic Book Listings Blog: Found;

Three (3) 30th Anniversary Spiderman Specials
for sale on craigslist.

Web of Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Hologram Covers, 30th Anniversary Issues. Seller does not say "why" he is selling them. But for only $20 bucks, he probably needs gas. (just a speculation)

Seller's Description:

Issue #90 Web of Spider-Man, Issue #189 Spectacular Spider-Man, Issue #365 Amazing Spider-Man. All 30th Anniversary Specials w/hologram cover. Still wrapped, near perfect condition. Call Daryl at xxx-xxx-xxxx

Price: $20

Location: los angeles craigslist

Seller's Link: Spider-Man comics - $20 (La Verne)
(Phone# posted)


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