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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Four Batman Collectible SILVER Coins for sale

The Comic Book Listings Blog: Found;

Four Batman Series
.999 PURE SILVER Collectible Coins
for sale on craigslist.

OH how I would LOVE to HAVE these!
Four Batman Series, .999 PURE SILVER Collectible Coins.
One Batman, one Robin, one Penguin, (Penguin not shown)
and one JOKER!!!

Seller does Not mention where he got them, ..the name of the mint where they were struck, ..nor even if they come with some kind of Certificate of Authenticity. He does state (if i understand correctly) that they were commissioned by the AMC Theaters and that each have a D.C. Comics 1987 trademark.

Again, i found these four Wonderful .999 PURE SILVER Batman Series Collectible Coins for sale on craigslist. So therefore remember, The Comic Book Listings Blog is Not in any way associated, nor affiliated with any sellers, manufacturers, nor with any other entities or agents of this (or these) products. We receive no payments, commissions, reimbursements, or compensation for the display or sale of this (or these) items. They are displayed here, simply as listing News, so Enjoy! And of course, Buyer Beware!

Seller's description:

For sale is a collection of 4 collectible coins of the Batman series. While the Robin, Joker, and Penguin coins are all one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, the batman coin is gold in color but not real gold. These coins were made by AMC and each have the D.C. Comics 1987 trademark. The Robin coin has some tarnishing on the front. All are in excellent condition in plastic protective coin cases. Penguin coin not in photos.

Please email me with any questions.

Listing Details:

Price: $175.00

Listing Location:
los angeles craigslist

Listing Link: Batman Series Cartoon Celebrities Pure Silver Coins - $175 (Van Nuys)


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