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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trade 300+ Comics Books 4 Wooden Bookshelf

The Comic Book Listings Blog: Found 300 Comic Books For Sale on craigslist;


300+ Comics Books 4 Wooden Book Shelf

huuu??? Yelp, you heard right! This guy is looking to Trade his comic books (some 300+) (and Some of those are from the 70's.) for a Wooden Bookshelf. I mean Surely he'll take CASH and go buy his own bookshelf. But at least that gives the reader of my little blog, some kind of idea as to just how much to Offer this guy for his 300+ Comic books.

No mention of their conditions or even a list that I can post here. But "if" the seller's picture is any indication, at least some of the comics are bagged and boarded. But don't quote me on that. Instead, read...

Seller's Description:


Ive got a comic book collection i just don t have room for. I'd love to trade it for some furniture. i need a bookshelf (shelves) the taller the better, an armoir or cabinets, and possible a stool or drafting chair. Im not looking for anything fancy just well made wood furniture (a metal utility shelf could work to) no particle board or ikea crap.

there are 300 or so comics and its a cool collection some. 70's marvel ,weird movie tie ins from the 80's some indy arty stuff and alot of new stuff from the big two in collectable condition. Its a real fun hodge podge of books.
more pics on request
lets make a deal!


Location: new york craigslist

Link: 300+ Comics for your wooden bookshelf


UPDATE: This Listing has Expired on craigslist!
Will continue to search to see if it comes back up again but Surely, someone came up with a wooden book self to trade.


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