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Friday, March 6, 2009

HUGE x-files collection of Comics

This is a perfect X-Files comic book collection with many rare, special editions and extras you would not find anywhere else. Each one is individually wrapped in plastic with cardboard backings. They have never been read or even opened.

Comics included are:

Receiving -2 to 41 but MISSING 27 and in addition another full set but 1-18. In this set there are three 0 (1 Scully & 2 Mulder & Scully, The Wizard ½ with COA, The -1 is the silver edition-2 Black and red, Special edition #1 number 010843 of 120,000, Two #2 Special Editions (there are also a few doubles of basic ones).

Besides that you will also get these MINT comics:

v Also included: Topps Ground Zero 1-4

v Two edition of Axed (1995)

v Annuals 1 & 2 (special ed)

v Topps Mini: three #1 (collector issue) and #2

v Season One: "Conduit", "Fire", "Beyond the Sea", "Deep Throat"

v Topps: Hear Illustrated Special "Trick of the Light"

v David Anthony Kraft's Comics Interview #147

v X-Fight Fight the Future Comic

v Special Edition 5 "One Player only" with "Wallow Eve"

v Graphic Novel Comic "AfterFlight"

Contact: Alyssa - ""

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