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Thursday, August 21, 2008

X-MEN #1 CGC 5.5 WHITE PAGES 1: X-Men, Magneto, Prof. X


X-MEN #1 CGC 5.5 WHITE PAGES 1: X-Men, Magneto, Prof. X

Seller's Description:


This is my all-time favorite comic. It's one of the most sought-after Marvel issues from the 1960s and it contains more first appearances than any other Silver Age comic. Sure, you get the famous combination of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, but look at all of these first appearances in the CGC 5.5 graded copy of X-Men 1:

1st: Cyclops
1st: Marvel Girl
1st: Beast
1st: Angel
1st: Iceman
1st: Professor X; Charles Xavier
1st: Magneto

Think of the other first issue launches for Marvel ... did you get a major super-villain in any of them? No way ... not on the caliber of Magneto.

Did I mention this issue has WHITE PAGES and the CGC case is in pristine condition? This is a sweet comic.

Auction Details: (as of this post)

Listed on:

Seller: luke_19-10
Current bid: US $1,775.00
Reserve not met
End time: Aug-24-08 12:48:33 PDT (3 days 6 hours)
Shipping costs: US $12.00
Item location: Windsor, Virginia, United States
History: 21 bids

Auction Link: "X-MEN 1 CGC 5.5 WHITE PAGES 1: X-Men, Magneto, Prof. X"


Update: This auction is now over!
Winning bidder: peterparkerssm
Winning bid: US $3,060.00


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