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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fame Comic Book #1 Lady Gaga

Fame Comic Book #1 Lady Gaga
Finally, Lady Gaga's comic series is being released! These comics are sure to be a collector’s items. Before our very eyes Lady Gaga blossomed into a true superstar and possible the most popular artiest of today generation. Above are images of all three of the comic covers. The rarest of the comic series is Cover C, which is a 1:10 incentive cover variant and sure to be a valuable addition to any Lady Gaga Collection. Though, my favorite cover is Cover B. I just love her pose, look and the bright colors, which is odd for me because I usually like darker colors. This comic is written by Dan Rafter. Art by Kristoffer Smith. We carry all three of these comics at Comic Mega Store in New/NM/MT condition and they can be purchased by clicking the below links.

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