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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Disney's Alice In Wonderland Collector's Edition - HC Book

Disney's Alice In Wonderland Collector’s Edition - HC Book

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland arrives on DVD in August, but the graphic novel adaptation of the big screen blockbuster, starring Johnny Depp, is here! Take a wondrous journey down the rabbit hole with gorgeous artwork and a script adapted directly from the groundbreaking feature film. Any fan of this timeless tale or the visionary work of Tim Burton won't want to miss this. So don't be late for the party, we'll save you a cup of tea! In addition to the paperback edition, there is also a beautiful Collector's Edition Hardcover that features a foil-stamped casewrap and Smythe-sewn binding, with a stitched-in fabric bookmark!

Condition: New/NM/MT

Disney's Alice In Wonderland Collectors Edition - HC Book can be ordered for only $14.99 at Comic Mega Store.




Maurice Mitchell said...

This movie was pretty good. The graphic novel looks more like a cartoon than the movie though.

Comic Book Listings said...

he, he. That's funny! Especially since, the movie itself (as much as possible), was made with cartoon-ed characters.

Still, I know what you mean as it does appear as though the artist went a little More cartoon-"ish" in his depictions than did the movie. But then, and after all. Alice in Wonderland is, a children's tale.

I have not seen the movie yet. But by your reaction to the artwork in the novel, I can tell it, Must Have Been, "pretty good". Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I just bought thsi comic book ^^ is really artistical, the pages are like the conceptual art painted with watercolor, its beautifull :3

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