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Friday, November 2, 2012

600 Comic Books For Sale $75

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If you read my post (which was really a Rant) about "how Not to Sell Your Comic Books"; you will note that I hate sellers who do not provide Pictures or even a "list" with their Ads. And such is the case we have here. However, in this case, - the case of 600 Comics Books for $75 - I figured I would make an exception.

What's the exception?
Sure, there are No Pics, and the "list" is nothing more than a lack-luster description. But, I LIKE the way the seller starts is Ad.

"I need some fast cash so I am selling my comics".

Now this, is how to sell your comic books. Well, let me put that another way. "This", is how you Attract Buyers.

Now all you need is some Local collector who's willing to spend some gas money to find out what comics you got. Otherwise you're gonna have buyers Asking you for a list and some pics, anyway. And come to think of of it, even a local collector is gonna wanna know what he's spending all that gas for, Before he spends the gas. So remember, along with a Great Title for your Ad, you're gonna need pics and a list of your comics.

At any rate, and along with the great selling price. This seller gives just enough description of his comics to at Least give you an idea as to what he has for sale.And that it might be worth checking out. Having said that, here is the...

Seller's Description
I need some fast cash so I am selling my comics,
300 are Marvel and D.C. comics from the last 15 years to just bought.
The other 300 comics are from different publishers, comic books that are not really meant for kids.
The comics are all in brand new condition.
These will go fast.

Listing Link: 600 comic books - $75 (Suffolk)

Update: This Listing has Expired on craigslist. 
 We will continue to monitor the classifieds for more great comic book deals so check back often. ~ Bargain Hunter

The Comic Book Listings Blog is Not in any way associated, nor affiliated with any sellers, manufacturers, buyers nor with any other entities or agents of the Above^ products. We receive no payments, commissions, reimbursements, or compensation for the display or sale of this (or these) items. They are displayed here, simply as "Listing News".
So Enjoy! And of course, Buyer Beware!



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