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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How Not to Sell your Comic Books

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How Not to Sell your Comic Books

As a Comic Book Collector, naturally I'm Always checking the classifieds. And if there is one thing about "some" sellers that just Pisses me off, it is when they begin their Ad with;


I mean, Come On! Are you SERIOUS?
In today's economy, if anybody is even looking for comicbooks for sale, then They Are Serious. The question is, "how serious". And the answer usually is, Not as serious as you would like for them to be.

Take the following craigslist Ad I found.

Comics for sale.... Serious Buyers (Arlington,Tx)

In it, the seller states, emphatically;
  "Only looking for people that will pay full value not half!"

Well, Good Luck Chump! I mean if I, or anyone else wanted to Pay Full Price, then we would start by going to our local comicbook retailer, who (or whom), has a reputation of dealing squarely with it's customers. In deed, a buyer would come more closer to getting a Good Deal from a Comic Retailer than he would from an ARROGANT SOB! And truly because, the retailer is going to want your repeat business.

Oh, but there's more.
As the seller further states; "I can email you the list of what I have but I do know the full values of my comics". Truth is, I don't give a damn what your comics are worth... to You. I only care about what they are worth... to ME!!!

I mean;
I'm the dude with the CASH! You're just some poor Jerk who has gotten himself into trouble, and now NEEDS the money that I got, as otherwise you wouldn't be trying to sell your Over Priced comic books. Do I make myself clear?

And by the way. Why would you not post a picture of the comics you are selling? Are you Hiding something? I mean I know You SAY they "are bagged and boarded and boxed" and that "some are signed and have the certificate of proof". But you know what Mister seller? I DON"T TRUST YOU!!! anymore than you trust me. And as far as I'm concerned, you can Keep your comic books until you are Dead at which point, I will buy them for Nothing, from your poor grieving widow.

At least, that's what I would like to tell these self-inflated sellers. But alas, it is enough that I Use Them to show Real sellers, that if you Really want to sell your comics, Don't Be Such an @zzhole!

I mean a simplistic Ad stating "Comics For Sale" is bad enough. But when you feel that you must add, "Serious Buyers Only". Well, everybody Knows that's a joke. Not to mention that Your Fear of being cheated, and more so your Fear of someone Wasting your time, is probably why your world is collapsing. In fact, I'm willing to bet, that you don't even have time for your family.

Anyway folks, the point of my post, is to give you an example of How Not To Sell Your Comic Books, as you Do Not want to describe anything more in your Ads than the comic books you have for sale. Typically, the number of comics you have for sale, Title and Issue Numbers (if there aren't too many to list), Pictures are a Definite Plus, and finally the price that you are asking as it would have been better for this seller, to have asked More than what his comics are worth, but then added "Negotiable", to his Ad. Sure you may get a lot of Low Ball offers, but at least Serious buyers won't Hate you, and waste your time (setting up appointments and not showing up) just to piss you off. Oh, and you won't have somebody like me, blogging about somebody like you.

Either you wanna sell, or you don't.
But in either case, don't waste MY time!

Happy Selling,
Bargain Hunter


1 comment:

Comic Book Listings said...

OK, so maybe I became a little "animate", in my rant. But I just wanted to show that if YOU are Really wanting to sell your comic books, then the First thing you have to do is understand that... unless you got all the time in the world... your comic books are only worth, what the Buyer is willing to pay for them. Period.

To that end therefore, (the buyer's end). There are things you can do to "Help your buyer" get what he wants (which is a Good deal). If you can't ot don't want to sell your comics at a Descent price,then at Least price your comics at something Above what you want for them, but then add... Will Negotiate!

But in Any case, if you agree, or if you have a Different opinion, Please leave Your comment.

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