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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Women's Captain America Costume For Sale! (HOT!)

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Listing News: from The Comic Book Store.

Captain America Costume
For Sale!

There's just something about a Hot Chick in the Ol' Red, White, and Blue.

This Captain America Female Classic Adult includes the superhero dress and the eyemask. Shield and boots sold separately.


Marvel's Captain America Costumes

Item #AMER32

  • dress
  • eyemask

It is an officially licensed product.

List Price: $52.68
Price: $38.97

Listing Link: Adult Female Captain America Costume
From Disguise



Maurice Mitchell said... Captain America!

David said...

where do you get the fabric from? I want to have Captain America Halloween Suit and Ive been to several halloween stores and craft shops, and no one had any idea what I was looking for.. :s HELP, HALLOWEEN IS SOOOOON !

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