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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marvel Comics Upgraded on NY Stock Exchange!


Marvel Comics Upgraded on NY Stock Exchange!

You may remember a story published by The Comic Book Listings Blog on June 2, 2008 about "Marvel Entertainment" replacing "Commerce Group" in the S&Ps mid-cap 400 index.

(for those of you who may not keep up with the Stock Market, or even with the business end of Marvel Entertainment; this was a Very Big deal for Marvel Comics, collectors, and movie goers alike.)

Well Today, according to ""- RBC Capital Markets analyst David Bank, upgraded the Marvel Entertainment (MVL), from "Sector Perform", to "Outperform", predicting steady gains for the stock following its summer blockbuster "The Incredible Hulk", and the stock rose $1.77, or 5.3 percent, to $34.91 in afternoon trading.

What does that mean? Well first it means that Marvel Entertainment "stocks" have become just as collectible as their Comic Books! Secondly, it means you are not going to make that kind of interest on your money in the bank. Especially not in one afternoon. Still, Comic Book Listings suggest that before you invest even one nickel into Marvel Entertainment stock, that you consult and seek the advice of professionals, and that you recognize that Comic Book Listings is Not in anyway suggesting that you buy this stock. (...Yeah I am! But only as a Collector might buy a comic book to add to their collection as I think it would be pretty Cool to own a piece of Marvel Comics, don't you? (Just Don't Come to Me if the stock crashes!)

Bank boosted his price target to $43 from $37, implying he expects shares to gain nearly 30 percent over Monday's close of $33.16.




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