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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5000 Comic Book Estate Sale!!!

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Listing News:

Comic Books For Sale 

  Spider-man, X-Men, Wolverine, GI Joe, Hulk, Fantastic Four 

Oh but this ain't no ordinary comic book sale.
These comic books were purchased at an estate sale by a seller who has No Idea what he's got. In deed, after reading his craigslist Ad, I'm thinking he's your typical garage sale shopper who, buys things of interest, and then sells them for a profit. Which means, he's probably willing to negotiate his $5000 price tag as, I figure, he's just Guessing he can get an Average of $1.00 a piece for them. And guessing because, he looked and saw that many of the comic books have $3.00 and $4.00 cover prices. And that Surely, they are worth more than the Lot of $0.12 cent issues that are included in the collection. ;)

That's all just My Opinion, of course. As I could be completely wrong. Nevertheless, my instincts tell me that this could be a great opportunity to pick up some really great comic books for Cheap. But don't take my word for it. Here is the...

Seller's Description:
Here we go, huge lot of comic books, ranging from marvel comics, dc comics, dark horse comics plus more, roughly around 5000, there are books like spider-man,x men, wolverine,gi goe, hulk, fantastic four, there are adult comics,pent house comics, japanese comics, the avengers, plus many more, they range from 12cent comics 75 cent, 60 cent, 65 cent, 1.00, to 3.00 comics to 4.95 comics, 90% are sleeved and carded, i dont know anything about comics, these were bought at an estae sale and the previous owner passed away lot of them are in numbered oreder and a lot are not, have not gone threw these much just really opened the boxes to take a quick look,really a large amount that i dont know anything about, looking to get 5,000 for all . if interested call and come by to look at them, want to sell them all, will net sell unless you buy them all. call dont email .

Listing Details:
(Note: Seller has posted Phone# in Ad)

Listing Location: san diego craigslist
Item Location: san marcos, cal

Listing Link: 5,000 Comic Books (san marcos)


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So Enjoy! And of course, Buyer Beware!


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