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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

36 Crates of Comic Books For Sale! New York

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Listing News: CBL has Found;

36 Crates of Comic Books 
For Sale on craigslist.

Yeah, you heard me right. That's 36 "crates" of comic books. It seems the seller bought them at an auction and is now seeking to make a profit. Although, he has no idea which titles he has, conditions, or anything. All he knows is that they are in "crates", and that he wants to sell them. Oh yeah, he stated that there are an "average" of 80 to 100 comics per crate. And at 80 comics pre crate, that figures out to about 2880 comics. And at his *asking price of $1000, that's about $0.50 cent a comic, so I posted the news of his listing with negotiations in mind.

Seller's Description:
36 Crates of Assorted Comic Books Different Years


I'm Selling 36 crates of assorted Comic Books different years.
Never checked them , Don't know what I have.

Bought it at an auction. Average 80 to 100 comic books per crate

Different Years.

And I'm selling it as is. Condition AS IS.

Ask Price $1000.00 CASH ONLY!

You are welcome to check them out in person if you like.


Location Queens Pick up Or Deliver. Delivery charge is $ 50.00 within 10 Mile Radius.
Please Feel Free to Contact me @ (646-645-4257 ) Eddie

Listing Details:
(Note: seller has posted phone# in listing along with  more pics.)

Listing Location: new york craigslist
Item Location: Queens, New York

Listing Link: 36 Crates of Assorted Comic Books - $1000 (QUEENS)

Update: This listing on craigslist has Expired! 
Note: "If" seller Re-list (which I figure he will), I will post the link here.


Update: Our seller has Relisted his Comic Books for sale!
Well, he's not "our" seller. But you know what I mean.
And this time he has lowered his price to $900.00.
Kinda makes you think that, if you wait a little longer, this seller is Really gonna get Desperate. After all, "Now" he's having to Pay for STORAGE of these little jewels, and it is the first of the month. Time to make another payment. Sounds like a Great negotiating tool. ;) Bargain Hunter

Here's the Link: 36 Crates of Assorted Comic Books - $900 (QUEENS)


The Comic Book Listings Blog is Not in any way associated, nor affiliated with any sellers, manufacturers, buyers nor with any other entities or agents of the Above products. We receive no payments, commissions, reimbursements, or compensation for the display or sale of this (or these) items. They are displayed here, simply as "Listing News".  
So Enjoy! And of course, Buyer Beware!



Issues 84-111 / Lot of 21 Comic Books (Power Man and Iron Fist, Volume 1)Issues 84-111 / Lot of 21 Comic Books (Power Man and Iron Fist, Volume 1) by Stan Lee
Buy used from: $24.45
Lot of 3 Marvel Comics Group Star Wars comics: Star Wars #4, Star Wars #5, Star Wars #6Lot of 3 Marvel Comics Group Star Wars comics: Star Wars #4, Star Wars #5, Star Wars #6 by Marvel Comics Group
Buy used from: $24.95



IADW said...

36 crates?! That's it - if I win lotto this weekend I'm quitting the job buying these and sitting down to read them one by one.

Holy moly - that's some reading list!

Comic Book Listings said...

hahaha, i can see you in about 20 years with a Long white beard, STILL sitting there Reading when suddenly, some little kid comes running up saying; "Mr. Santa Clause, Mr. Santa Clause. Can I have an Amazing Fantasy #15 for Christmas?" ROFL LOL :D

Thanks for the comment, Dan. With a blog like mine, you don't get many. BTW: love your it's a Dan's World blog!

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