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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sexy Women in Comics

Find some of the sexiest women in comics here at Marvelous Comic Books!   We're adding new comics everyday, plus shipping is flat rate of only $2.99 over $15 and Free when you spend $50 or more!   New this month:   Brian Pulido's Lady Death - Get the HDR variant cover of Blacklands #4 here:  This issue is published in 2007.  Lady Death was created by Brian in 1991 - she first appeared in Evil Ernie in 1991.  She is aging fairly well!
Compare thqat cover to the same Blacklands issue #4 in RYP variant cover:  Get it here:
One of the hottest women to grace the cover of a comic book might be Lady Rawhide - Check out issue #3 by Topps comics!   Get it here:

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