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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Psylocke Statue - By Bowen Designs

Psylocke Statue - By Bowen Designs
A Bowen Designs Sculpts! Mutant Betsy Braddock was born with mental powers of telepathy and telekinesis, which she put to use as she honed ninja skills to become a skilled warrior, utilizing stealth, silence, and edged weaponry as the X-Man known as Psylocke. This stunning mutant is sculpted by Jason Smith as a 12" tall statue that brings the warrior to life. This statue retails for $175.00.

Condition: New

This statue can be ordered for only $157.00 at Comic Mega Store Corp.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Yowza. That is a great find all right. I wonder if I have $175 in change under my couch?

Comic Book Listings said...

She's so Hot, I'm thinking of going out and pickin up cans off the highway. :D

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