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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hard Times Forces Sale of Comic Books!

Comic Book Listings:

Hard Times Forces Sale of Comic Books!

found on craigslist,

Hard Times Forces Sale of Comic Books. Seller Needs Money! Forced to sell his comic books. It's a shame, but it's just the kind of listing I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, this guy isn't very organized and doesn't even have a picture, much less an inventory list. Nevertheless, for the Treasure Hunter who's willing to put forth the effort. This listing "could be" an incredible find. So without further a due...

Seller's Description:

I have several boxes of comics and a mag box full of some rare and hard to find items. I'd like to sell them at a reasonable price. I know what most of these are worth and I'm willing to let them go at a much cheaper price than I'd like to, times are tough, ya know? I'm not sure exactly what I have, only about half of my stuff is organized and most of that is the stuff I want to keep. I will sell them all together or I'll let you sift through them and find something that tickles your fancy.


Listing Agent: dallas craigslist

Listing Link: COMIC BOOKS!! (Euless)

Note: Must contact seller through his craigslist listing. But, you see what I mean? Somebody please help this guy.


UPDATE: This Listing has Expired!


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