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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Superman Costume For Sale!

Your Chance to Be Superman

Sometimes it's easy to feel like a superhero. When you manage to cart your kids to sports practice (on time!), pick up all the groceries, get dinner on the table, be productive at work, AND get enough sleep, there's no need to put on this Superman costume. But on the other days . . . well. Let's just say this sucker might come in handy more often than you think.

Low-effort costumes are always a plus, and if you can manage to create a little curl in the front of your hair, that's all you need to do after you slip on this suit. It'll take care of providing you with six-pack abs, broad shoulders, a sweet-looking cape and belt, and a bottom half that looks way better than if you were to try stuffing on a pair of underpants over your clothes. It even gives you the boots! And unlike the deluxe version of the same costume, which is likely to put you in the poorhouse even at 50 percent off (but go for it if you want to show the full bulging muscles and veins), the standard number will only run you 30 bucks—not bad at all for a costume that you'll wear at least several times.

That "order" button looks mighty tempting to me. Full Superman regalia and automatic perfection in every area of your life? The choice is yours.

This post was contributed by Sara Bimmel, who writes about Halloween costumes over at


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