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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Superman Masterpiece Edition Box Set

The Comic Book Listings Blog:


Superman Masterpiece Edition
For Sale
on craigslist

Not particularly a Superman fan myself, I found this Superman Masterpiece Edition box set for sale on craigslist and thought maybe someone might be interested. Seller stipulates "pick-up" but, ? you never know unless you ask.

Seller's Description:
This package features a reproduction of the first, 1938 Superman comic book, a statue of the Man of Steel, and a book, Superman: The Golden Age, by comics historian Daniels.

The book is beautifully designed by Chip Kidd.

This authentic Masterpiece Edition set consists of 3 items namely:

1) An exclusive 8" tall Superman statue designed by Alex Ross
which is based on 1940s version

2) A exact reprint of the Superman # 1 with size and advertisement in the
comic as per the original

3) A Hardcover Book chronicling the first 50 years (Golden Age) of
Superman’s history with information and pictures.

== Review: Four-color comics have come of age, and Superman--every boy's hero circa 1938--is now a middle-aged, American cultural icon. To celebrate Superman's halcyon days, the Superman Masterpiece Edition, with its balance of whimsy and class, is the perfect toy for grownup boys. The box is super-size (one and a half feet square) and seals shut with a velcro flap. Outside it's decorated with classic Superman pop art, and inside are three separate tributes to the The Man of Steel. First is a full-color reproduction of the Superman #1, complete with ads for crystal radios, 9-in-1 opera glasses, and the magic nose flute. Next comes Les Daniels's lavishly illustrated volume, Superman: The Golden Age, tracing our hero through the years 1938-1955. The book features rare and never-before-seen images of pre-Superman artwork and story drafts by Siegel and Shuster. It also includes stills from cartoons and early movies. But the real treasure here is the polyresin figure--exclusive to this set. The statue is, frankly, one of the best pieces of Superman art you'll ever find: a tribute to Shuster's original Superman artwork rendered by comics master Alex Ross (of Kingdom Come fame) and painted by Chris Ware (creator of the cult classic Acme Novelty Library). The statue is a tasteful piece of Americana that will likely find a home atop your local version of the Daily Planet (e.g., a CD tower or bookcase)

Everything is in near mint condition. I'll throw in a bonus too

$40, pickup in Carrollton

Listing Details:

Location: dallas craigslist

Listing Link: SUPERMAN - Masterpiece Edition Box (Book, Superman Statue, #1 Comic) - $40 (Carrollton)


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