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Sunday, June 1, 2008

80 Comics Batman, Superman, Ultimate Spiderman and more


80 Comics Batman, Superman, Ultimate Spiderman and more -$15

For Sale in Dallas Texas.

Seller's Description:
75 Comics for $20 or best offer. Includes hardback Ultimate Spiderman volume 1 (collects issues 1-13 of ultimate spiderman). Will also consider interesting trades. All in good to fine condition. Most of these are from the 90's with a few newer comics thrown in. Included is the complete storyline in Batman where he broke his back and was replaced with Azarel, The death of Marc Spector, Moon Knight, the return of superman, and a Jack Chick Tract as well.
Ultimate Spiderman Vol 1 (issues 1-13)
Marvel Romance Redux 1
The Gift Redux 1
Cloak and Dagger 2,3
Moon Knight 59 and 60
The Maxx 1,2
Spawn 9
Grendel Behold the Devil 0
The Story Of Monetary Policy
Transformers Movie Prequel
Virgin Comics Special
Xmen Life Lessons
Wizard How to Draw
Nexus FCBD
Marvel Adventures Ironman and Hulk 1
Viper Comics Preview 2
Sugar Needle 31
Who Wants to Be a Superhero Preview
Hunters Moon Preview
Daredevil 321
Ren and Stimpy 1,13
Bevis and Buthead 1,3
Simpsons Comics 1
Doom 2099 1

Batman Knightfall Complete and Part of Knightquest
Batman 492-508
Detective 659-672,674
Shadow of the Bat 16,20,25,26,28
Showcase93 7,8
Justice League Task Force 5

Superman Funeral for a Friend:
Action Comics 685,687
Superman 498, 500, 501
Superman Man of steel 22
Superman 76,78

Location: Downtown Dallas

[Seller's Link]


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