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Saturday, May 31, 2008

DC vs Marvel: Let the Battle Begin!

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Comic Book Fans! Super Hero Fans! Marvel and DC Comics Fans!
Avengers, one and all. Our time is come!

Thanks to Hollywood, and it's Box Office Smashing "Live" Super Hero productions; No longer do we have to hide in our bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets to read the latest editions. For now even society's elite, seek "Our expertise" in the matters of super hero stardom. (who did what, where, in what issue? And where can I get one?)

No Longer are we jeered and Laugh-at, as Geeks of the Funny pages. But hailed as "Masters" in the field of Art, and Entertainment. And my dear friends, it is about to get even Better!

The following is an excerpt from the UK.TimesOnline;

May 31, 2008
DC v Marvel:
as The Incredible Hulk appears again,
let battle begin

As comic superheroes prepare to take over the silver screen, we compare the powers of the rival Marvel and DC camps

The 20 greatest big-screen comic book heroes

When Iron Man smashed through the half-a-billion-dollar mark last week, Marvel Studios breathed a sigh of relief. Its former CEO had gambled the company on one audacious wager – that if he borrowed $550 million, Marvel could produce its own movies of its own comic-book characters, rather than receiving small royalties from hit franchises such as X-Men and Spiderman. Now Marvel Studios’ first self-made block-buster is the talk of Hollywood, with another one hot on its tail.

...It’s all quite a turnaround. For years, Marvel suffered at the hands of financiers who thought capes were something you sailed your yacht around, while rival company DC, publisher of Superman and Batman, ruled the silver screen. But now DC is trailing: 2006’s Superman Returns was a costly disappointment, taking $390 million worldwide, but having cost a hefty $270 million to make.

...But don’t write DC off just yet. Its most Marvel-like character, Batman, a tortured soul who decided to fight crime after his parents were gunned down in front of him, is back this July in the blackest block-buster so far. Called The Dark Knight, in a deliberate echo of the ground-breaking 1986 graphic novel that was too bleak to film at the time, it stars the late Heath Ledger as a truly psychotic Joker. ~ read more | digg story

The TimesOnline article goes on to say "a lot of things" so I hope you read it. But the truth of the article is this;


The War!
Between Marvel Comics and DC Comics.
The one we've been waiting for!

And it's going to be played out on The Big Screen!

Marvel is definitely in the lead for now. But I've got a feeling Wonder Woman is about to get a face-lift. And woe unto those who would discount the Justice League of America!

All in all, it's going to be Great for us fans and collectors.
And so it is with great pride that I say;

"My fellow Super Heroes. Our time, is come!"



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