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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cover of Action Comics #1 Recreated with LEGOs

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Oh you have just Got to see this!

The Cover of Action Comics #1 Recreated with LEGOs

Superman debuted in Action Comics #1 of June, 1938, so he turns 70 this year. This is a homage to the cover of that issue. Superman's torso is the only customized piece here.

read full story and view larger image at flickr | digg flickr story



Maurice Mitchell said...

That is very cool. It's amazing what they can do with Legos even considering the limitations of posing and block shapes. Time well spent.

Comic Book Listings said...

I know, it's Amazing! And definitely time well spent. I just wish I had the Talent! ;)

For anyone else viewing this post, you can find a Really Cool Lego Reproduction of a Star Wars Droid Control Ship on the Geek Twins blog, here;

Star Wars Lego Space Ship

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