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Friday, March 2, 2012

Marvel Comics Conan The Barbarian #1-10 MINT $400

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Listing News: Found;

Marvel Comics
Issues 1-10 _$400
For Sale on craigslist.

I found this *MINT collection of Marvel Comics Conan The Barbarian on craigslist for $400.

The Ad simply read; "OLD COMIC BOOKS!!! - $400". Clicking the craigslist Ad link, to my surprise I found these Conan The Barbarian comic books which "APPEAR to be" in mint condition.

*Seller makes no mention of the condition of these comics, and I'm just guessing myself. But just LOOK at the seller' pictures! Those are mint, if ever I've seen mint. Nevertheless, ask questions and Buyer Beware as these are Not My comic books. I just found them for sale on craigslist... like I said.

Here is the...

Seller's Description

Listing Link: OLD COMIC BOOKS!!! - $400 (Malibu)

Update: 11:27 PM 3/17/2012
UNBELIEVABLE! I posted the news of this listing on March 3, and it's STILL Available on craigslist. Unless, of course, the seller just hasn't deleted the Ad. Nevertheless, $400 bucks for a Conan #1 ALONE, is a good deal. But this is a collection of #1-10! So I'm wondering, "why this listing still exist?" "Why, someone, has yet to purchase this fabulous collection???" If any of my patrons out there have checked out this listing and found it to be "unworthy", please post a comment and let me know.

Update: 6:07PM 4/23/2012
The Listing has Expired on craigslist.

Well, it's Too Late Now!
And I just can't believe no one took advantage of this collection of Conans.



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