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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marvel Comics Daredevil #1 / CGC 9.4 / For Sale!

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Listing News:

Marvel Comics
CGC 9.4
For Sale!

As of the time this post, only 16 Daredevil #1 comics have received the 9.4 CGC Universal grade. I found this comic listed for sale at

Synopsis: Matt Murdock saves a blind man from an oncoming truck but is struck blind himself by a radioactive canister during the rescue; The radioactivity heightens Matt's other senses and gives him an uncanny radar sense; Matt graduates college and begins practicing law with his college roommate Foggy; Matt's father, a boxer, is killed by the Fixer after he refuses to throw a fight; Matt designs a costume and a billy club (from his cane) and takes his derogatory childhood nickname "Daredevil"; DD tracks down the Fixer and the man who shot his father.

Listing Details
  • Paper: Off white
  • Slab: New, unblemished
  • CGC Serial #1077983001

Price: $16,500

Listing Link: Daredevil (1964 1st Series) 1 CGC 9.4


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