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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NY Comic Book Store For Sale on craigslist!

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Listing News:

New York
Comic Book Store
For Sale on craigslist!

Yeah, well, I think it's in New York? At least, it's being advertised in the New York craigslist. So I figure it's gotta be somewhere there close. At any rate, if you're interested. Here is the...

Seller's Description:
comic book store for sale $10,000 neg.
if you ever dreamed of owning your own comic store here's your chance ...tons of action figures...old and new comic books..arcade machines and collectibles...candy . much.more can buy store or inventory make offer ..if interested call 347-645-xxxx ..come take a look for yourself

Listing Details
Listing Location: new york craigslist
Item Location: ?
Includes Seller's Phone: Yes
Pictures: No

Link: comic book store for sale $10,000 neg.

Update: This Listing has Expired.


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Maurice Mitchell said...

A comic store for sale? That's either a bargain or a rip-off depending on how many Katy Keene comics he has.

Comic Book Listings said...

You're Absolutely Right! (and how very insightful.)

In fact, I know of 30,000 comic books for sale for only $2000 bucks. After a little research however, I found that they are mostly Modern, and "Duplicates". (Several THOUSAND duplicates.) So I haven't, and won't report on the listing.

If it looks to good to be true, it probably is. That's why I Always stress, "Buyer Beware" as the real "Due Diligence" lies with the buyer.

Still, for the astute collector / Bargain Hunter, there are deals to be had. And that's why I will always post what "I think" might be a great deal, or even a good deal. Or, as in "this" case. An opportunity someone might be interested in.

Which, if someone is interested. The first thing they will need to find out is, "is this an actual Store (either online or brick&mortar)? Or is it just an inventory"??? And "if", a store. Then, "Show me the Books". No, not the comic books. But the receivables, payables, and Tax Returns. That's what will tell you how much the store is worth.

I mean, a store might have $1,000,000 in inventory, and a 5th avenue address. But if it ain't making any money, then it's worthless, but as maybe a diamond in the rough "if", you can turn it around.

So again, your comment was very insightful, Maurice. And Very Much, Appreciated. Thanks!

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