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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wife Forces Sale! 25 Long Boxes of Comics For Sale!

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Listing News:

Wife Forces Sale!
25 Long Boxes of Comics
For Sale!

Seller's Description:
My wife is having a fit. I have become a comic book horder, and she says I have to get
the books out of the house. The books are all solid titles and priced to go.
They will cost you about 19.5 cents each.
Most of the collection came from an out of business comic book shop.
There are lots of runs and all sellable titles.
I would guess that 15% of the collection is #1 issues... That's alot of first issues!

This is a huge collection of comics.
There are over 7.500 books in total.

The collection is 100% Independent publishers!
Books are from the 1980's to current.
Condition is VF to NM on nearly the entire collection.

Listing Details:

Listing Link: HUGE COMIC COLLECTION (25 Long Boxes) - $1250 (Keller, Texas)
(Note: Seller has posted Phone# in Listing.)

Update: This Listing on craigslist has Expired!
Will update again, if the seller re-list.


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