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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Twitter Movie Review: X-Men First Class

The Comic Book Listings Blog:

Twitter Movie Review:

X-Men: First Class

Greetings, X-men Fans!
For the record, let me first say. I started not to go see this movie as it appeared - by the trailers - to be just another X-Men movie.

Yeah, X-Men First Class was getting all kinds of Rave Reviews from the critics. But, I figured. I'd just wait for the DVD to come out.

However. Last night, on the Coast-to-Coast AM Radio Show ( The conversation was such that it has inspired me to Go See The Movie!

Still, I never do anything without first checking the Twitter reviews.
Having said that, let's check first with Stan (The Man) Lee.

stan lee TheRealStanLee Let us applaud the courage of the X-Men crew for filming a Marvel movie without a cameo from my own iconic self!

stan lee TheRealStanLee ‘Tis pleased I am that so many of ye regret my lack of cameo in X-Men First Class, and thou canst not comprehend such a grievous omission

And without further a due.
Here's a "few" of the reviews by tweeters, leaving the theater.

Kato Ferrer mrSTAYPUFF88 OK i take back my last tweet the new x-men movie was AWESOME!!!!!

Ryan Toto Jetspeedman X-Men First Class by far the greatest X-Men movie ever!

Tash Moore theScientific1 x-men first class was a really good movie

Anthony Della Camera anthonydc Pleasantly surprised at how good X-men First Class is. Really a lot of fun to watch. Love the surprise mutant appearance.

Willie Beaman Mynameizcoop #Fact RT @Shaun_Mula23 X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is by far the best in the whole series. One of the best superhero movies as well!! Check it out.

Ben Joseph Benaconda what I learned from X-Men: First Class - never trust a stripper.

And there you have just a few of the reviews. But of course, no review would be complete without the X-Men First Class trailer...


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