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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Graphation Film Festival News: Your Film, Made into a Comic Book!

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Film Festival / Contest News!

Graphation Film Festival

If you enter our festival, and win you will be reviewed for potential publication as a comic book or
graphic novel.

Graphation is a revolutionary new film festival that combines the worlds of comic
books / graphic novels and film with a unique perspective on adaptation.
Built on the basis of short films that can be adapted into graphic novels and comic
books, Graphation was founded by Andrew McGregor and Josiah Golojuh (super
hero aliases can be found deeper in this dossier) over burgers and beer in January
2010. The two teamed up in the hope to deliver a platform beyond YouTube for
countless talented yet undiscovered filmmakers, allowing them to compete with
established professionals on the level playing field of Graphation.

The winning films will then be taken and passed off to the Graphation stable of artists,
group made up of once again both established professionals and talented
amateurs, and comic book covers will be created. The covers will be compiled in The
Best of Graphation Graphic Novel, with the original artwork being auctioned off for
the benefit of The Tiziano Project, which provides community members in conflict,
post-conflict, and underreported regions with the equipment, training, and affiliations
necessary to report their stories and improve their lives (

The films of Graphation will be judged by screen writer and filmmaker Coleman
Hough, novelist Ned Vizzini, and other judges to be named later. Grahpation will
also honor luminaries in both the world of film and comic books, honoring the all time
greats such as Jack Kirby, in addition to other yet to be named honorees.

Graphation offers a number of distinct prizes, but it’s most spectacular is The
Publication Prize, a prize in which selected films screened in the festival will be
reviewed for potential publication by Rick Jacobs who represents IDW Publishing.

Graphation believes that the possibilities for both film and comics are not endless, but
darn close to it, and we hope to enable filmmakers, writers, and artists to find those
limits, and maybe just maybe, exceed them. By working from the film, and bringing
the comic book into the theater new frontiers can be examined and previously untold
and even unthought of stories can begin to permeate our culture.

Graphation No. 1 will be held in October 2010 in Los Angeles, with a special
preview being held in August, as well as uncanny monthly events at The Hive Gallery

For more information please visit: 

The first Illustration quivered and came to life...” - Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man


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