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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meanwhile, at the Comic Blog Elite!

The Comic Book Listings Blog: Presents;

The Comic Blog Elite!
The Comic Book Listings Blog (CBLB) is a member of the "Comic Blog Elite", which is a directory of the Finest Comic Book Sites on the internet.

Matt Bergin (Owner of the Comic Blog Elite), has always been tireless in not only promoting the directory, but in promoting the comic blogs listed in his directory. And in deed I have seen membership Double in just the short time that CBLB has been a member.

Now Matt is entering into a new phase of blog promotions with CBE showcase pieces he will be running on Take a look at the first, of hopefully many, CBE showcase pieces, "Meanwhile, at the Comic Blog Elite!", here; "".

This First Feature is an intro to what will come, and includes "mini-reviews" of today's Toplist Top 10.

Matt Bergin writes;
When I’m not reading, blogging about, or making my own comics, I try to do my part to bring the comic book community together by shining a spotlight on some of the overlooked or hard to find corners of the comics Internet.

The Comic Blog Elite toplist is one means to that end. Another means is going to be a new, recurring showcase for the CBE–right here in No Cure For Comics.

...Read More!

Current Top Ten!


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