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Monday, July 19, 2010

Huge Original Moon Mullins Painting by Ferd Johnson

This is a listing for an amazing one of a kind painting by Ferd Johnson and Tom Johnson of the Moon Mullins crew. Ferd is of course best known for spending a whopping 68 years on the Moon Mullins strip. This painting was done sometime after he left the strip in 1991 and before his death in 1996. This beautiful, framed piece is over 6 feet tall and almost 4 feet wide and features all the great Moon Mullins characters: Moon, Kayo, Emmy, Lord Plushbottom and Egypt. This was acquired from a close friend of Ferd's in Newport Beach CA and this is the first time it is being offered publicly. Make an offer and this massive, one of a kind, piece can be your very own!

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