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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Silver & Bronze Age from Experienced Seller!!

If you are looking to buy comics come to me, I'll treat you right! I am a very well rounded "Comic Book Guy". I have
been selling on eBay for 10 years and have perfect feedback. I have a small "Brick and Mortar" store in Matamoras, PA
(the "Outer Rim" of the Poconos!) that I've been running for the last 4 years. I have worked as a freelance inker for
companies like DC Comics, Bongo Comics and more for the past 20 years, and lastly, I've been reading comics for
about the last 40 years!!

Online you can buy comics from me at...

On eBay, I am a Power Seller with an eBay store chock full of comic goodness. Mostly Silver and Bronze age Marvel
and DC book but I also have other comic related items and original comic book artwork.

If you are in the Poconos, stop by McRae's Li'l Comic Shop. Our address is

McRae's Li'l Comic Shop
505 Pennsylvania Ave
Matamoras, PA

Open 12- 6 Mon - Sat

Sites about my store and myself... enter zip code 18336

Well, there might be a couple of others, but, I think that should me enough for now!! As I said I have a lot of nice
books for sale on eBay and in my store, but if you don't see it on eBay, and can't make it to my store please feel free
to email me at I have tons of books from the Silver age to present. I presently have boxes
and boxes of DC Bronze age War and Horror books at very reasonable prices!!

I'm looking forward to selling you some comics!!

Scott McRae
Comic Guy

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Holy Mix Marriage Batman! I think this is going to turn the comic book world inside out! Great info you have here!

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