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Monday, March 5, 2012

Walking Dead #1A / CGC 9.8 / At Auction!

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Comic Book Auction News:

Image Comics
Walking Dead #1A
CGC 9.8

at Auction!!!

This 1ST PRINTING of Image Comics Walking Dead #1A is currently up for auction at Amazingly, with 8Days 12hours and 33minutes left (at the time of this post), there have already been 27 Bids, with a Current High Bid of; $720.00.

Now, I'm not much for collecting Modern Comics. So I'm pretty much Astounded by this. And Pissed because I could have collected a collection of "Walking Dead Comics" for free, just a few months ago. (Hmmm? Guess I need to change my perception of this new modern age of comics.)

At any rate, you can bet that I will keep you up to date on this auction!

Auction Details
  • Auction Location:
  • Auction Item: Walking Dead #1A / CGC 9.8 /
  • Paper: White
  • Slab: New, unblemished
  • CGC Serial #: 1076238002
  • Auction Ends: 8d 12h 33m (Ends Mar 14 8:41 PM CST)
  • Bids: 27
  • Current Bid: $720.00

Auction Link: Walking Dead (2003 Image) 1A CGC 9.8

Update: 11:22 PM 3/11/2012 (CST)
Auction Ends: 2d 21h 21m
Bids: 35
Current Bid: $810.00

UPDATE: This Auction has Ended!
(and the results are totally Unbelievable for this old Silver Age collector.)

Bids: 61
Winning Bid: $1,550.00

Stay Tuned for More, Comic Book Listings!!!


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Larger and Higher resolution images available at the "Auction Link" above.

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