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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Amazing Spiderman Collection at auction

Comic Book Listings:

Amazing Spiderman Collection at auction

Seller's Description:


Amazing Spider-Man

Lifetime Collection


I have been collecting comics since I was a child. Old age and poor health now forces me to sell my collection.

This auction is for Amazing Spider-Man, every issue from 39 to 302 and Annuals 1 - 15.

I am NOT a professional grader or dealer. I was collecting comics years before there ever was a CGC.

Grading has become so strict and subjective in the last few years that I REFUSE to put a grade value on any of my comics.

I have scanned and photographed my collection in an honest attempt to show potential bidders the quality.

If there are specific issues you would like to see a scan of, please let me know and I will do my best to comply.

This collection is in nice shape. Every issue is bagged and boarded. They have been stored in comic boxes in a clean, smoke free home for many years.

PLEASE do not follow check-out instructions or Shipping instructions.

Winning bidder will be contacted after auctions ends to work out details.

I will accept PAYPAL, Postal Money Orders, or Cash in person. I am located in central Pennsylvania. Any potential buyers locally who would like to see the comics in person are welcome to contact me.

Shipping will be handled as follows: I will ship by whatever method buyer prefers, at the lowest rate available to ensure that no one gets ripped off. Insurance and delivery confirmation will be MANDATORY due to the value of the comic books.

I will make every effort possible to answer questions. Please do not hesitate to ask.

I have had numerous requests for specific conditions of these comic books. I really do not wish to put a condition on any of them, since grading is so strict. One grader's "Very Fine" may be only "Fine" to another.

However, I want the winning bidder to be satisfied with the purchase. Once these comics are sold and shipped to the winning bidder, I DO NOT want any problems, such as the winner claiming the condition was exaggerated or that I misled them in any way to believe these comics were in better condition than they actually are.

The ONLY way to accurately grade these comics is to have an official grading company such as CGC put an official grade on each one, which I can neither afford nor take the time to do. So to all potential bidders, I am sorry but I cannot give specific grades for these comics. I will simply say that most of them are in nice shape, and they are not all creased and torn up. There are obviously no "Gem Mints", but there are none in "Poor" either.

I will point out the following, in fairness, as the worst of the lot.

Annual #1 has a torn spine and some tape, probably G or G-, #71 is probably G or VG, #101 is probably a G- , #112 is probably a G-, # 121 is detached at staples, otherwise VG, #180 and #226 are probably "Good".

On the other end of the scale, most of the key issues are in very nice shape. # 41,42,43,50,100,120,200, and 300 are all in very nice shape. #129 is a very nice issue. #238 does have the lakeside tattoos, and is in nice shape.

Please understand that I do NOT guarantee the condition of any of these comics, that it is only my opinion and nothing more.

If there are ANY questions, or if anyone wants scans of specific issues, PLEASE ASK !!!

NOW is the time to ask questions and try to learn what conditions are like, NOT after the auction is over and the comics have been shipped.

I will NOT give someone a "partial refund" once the comics have been received.

One other item, which must be discussed, is the reserve price. I have personally gone over each comic and put a price on them according to an average combination of book values. I will not let this collection be sold for less than the reserve price, which is well below the actual book value. It has taken me a lifetime to collect and care for these books, and I feel that I deserve a fair price for them, as Im sure you would.

Thank you for looking and good luck bidding.

Auction Details: (as of the time of this post)

Auction Agent: eBay
Seller: patch4204a7pk
Auction End time: Feb-09-09 03:34:44 PST (1 day 19 hours)
Item location: Unityville, Pennsylvania, United States
Bid History: 126 bids
Page Views: 667

Current Bid: US $2,650.00
(Reserve Not Met)

Auction Link: Amazing Spiderman 39 - 302+Ann 1-15.Lifetime Collection
Key issues scanned. None missing. Very nice shape.LOOK!

(more pics available at site)


UPDATE: This Auction has Ended!

Reserve Not Met!

With 133 Bids, and 1129 Page Views,
Final Bid: US $2,802.55

UPDATE: This Auction has been Restarted!

New Auction Link:
Amazing Spiderman 39 - 302 + Annuals 1-15. Lifetime Collection

End time: Feb-14-09 03:49:49 PST (3 days 6 hours)
Current bid: US $2500.00

UPDATE: Auction Ended with the same result as the first. Reserve Not Met. No mention of a re-start.


UPDATE: UPDATE: UPDATE: Seller has "again" re-listed his collection of Spiderman comicbooks for auction only "this time" the seller's Reserve HAS BEEN MET with a Current Bid as of the time of this update (1:43 PM 2/19/2009) of $3000.00.

Auction End Date: Feb-19-09 18:12:04 PST

The Link for the this auction is;

Amazing Spiderman 39 - 302+Ann 1-15.Lifetime Collection
Key issues scanned. None missing. Very nice shape.LOOK!


FINAL Update! This Amazing Spiderman Collection Finally SOLD for $3000.00.


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